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Tunisia Practice


It is the smallest country in the Maghreb and probably the most endearing as its history, particularly rich, and his home, very warm, have seduced the French. More than any other Mediterranean countries, Tunisia is a land of great encounters. From the coast to the desert through deep valleys, Tunisia offers an incredible wealth of geographical actually a country of wonder and interest.


163 610 km ² , which is slightly more than a third of France.


Nearly 10 million people of which 60% is urban. The average population density is 57.9 inhabitants per km ². The main ethnic group is of course up to 98% of Arabs.
Time difference with France
From Sunday, October 30, 2011 will be the time difference (-) one hour in Tunisia. When it is 12am in Paris, it will be 11 to Tunis.


Arabic is the official language, French is widely spoken.


The French

traveling to Tunisia with their national identity card valid must have a hotel voucher (or vouchers) issued by a travel agency in France and if this condition is not met the traveler must submit his French passport valid. Foreign tourists must have a valid passport and possibly a visa (see Consulate of Tunisia).


Islam is the official religion (nearly 98% of the population). Tunisia (Tunis, Djerba ...), there is a small Jewish community.


No vaccinations are required to enter Tunisia.